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Dr. Sheri Brandt-Dean, Missouri Baptist University

3 Simple Tips to Help Maximize Efficiency at Home

Everyone’s home looks a little different.
Everyone’s study methods are a little different. Every student is an individual with unique experiences and strategies for success. Here are a few tips from students that may help balance home life and schoolwork.
Separate your space.
Create an area in your home set aside for work and nothing else. It doesn’t have to be a whole room. It could be a chair in a different corner than the chair you sit in when you relax. Train your brain that when it’s in this spot, it’s time to go to work.
Work on something.
If you’re anything like me, when there’s a deadline looming, your brain will work on almost anything except the upcoming assignment. If that’s you—if you’re a fellow procrastinator—here’s a piece of advice you may not have heard before: use it.
There are times you’ll have to fight your procrastinator tendencies, and there are times you can let them work for you. If your brain will not work on that six-page paper on the Renaissance due Wednesday, fiddle around grabbing sources you’ll need for the presentation that’s not due for two months.
Then when you’re in panic mode for your presentation, at least you’ll already have your sources.
Turn off the TV.
I’ll be the first to admit, I love TV. But when I get into the habit of turning it on in the evening while I work, my productivity goes straight down the drain. As much as I want to convince myself I can multi-task, the reality is trying to split my time between television and schoolwork leads me to produce work below my level of ability. And I can’t even enjoy my show! I have to let my work time be work time and my downtime be downtime.
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