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4-H Judging and Achievement Day for Lincoln County, Mo.

Posted on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 9:15 am

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Local 4-H members receiving blue and/or gold honors.

Local 4-H members receiving blue and/or gold honors.

Fifty-nine 4-H members recently participated in judging and achievement day. Those receiving Blue/Gold honors were:

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- Kolton Orth, Garrett Henke, Dillon Heitman, Kacy Schniedermeyer, Samantha Mudd, Deana Raasch;

EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING – Jane Zuroweste, Kirsten Shramek, Madilynn Turpin, Tyler Mudd, Deana Raasch, Kristopher Shramek;

PUBLIC SPEAKING – Kaitlynn Foster, Ethan Kientzy, Deana Raasch, Kristopher Shramek, Jane Zuroweste, Kirsten Shramek;

FASHION REVUE – Hattie Franklin, Erin Mudd, Samantha Mudd;

FASHION SELECTION – Kirsten Shramek;

ACHIEVEMENT REVIEW – Jane Zuroweste, Kirsten Shramek;

DEMONSTRATIONS– Jane Zuroweste, Brendon Morse, Dillion Heitman, Kaitlyn Foster, Steven Schormann, David Schormann, Kirsten Shramek, Kierstyn Schieffer, Deana Raasch, Kacy Schniedermeyer, Rianna Wenzel, Collin Heitman, Samantha Mudd, Madison Russell, Kristopher Shramek, Robyn Wolf, Nicholas Kientzy, Isaac Franklin, Erin Mudd, Hattie Franklin, Emma Lange, Ethan Kientzy;

JUDGING – Wood Science – Garrett Henke; Horse – Brittany Nensel, Deana Raasch; Photography – Kristopher Shramek, Brianna Baker, Brittany Nensel; Poultry – Samantha Mudd, Madison Russell; Shooting Sports – Zeke Jennings, Kristopher Shramek, Lacy Pope, Kory Schniedermeyer; Swine – Ethan Kientzy, Jane Zuroweste; Sheep – Ava Kemper, Emma Lange, James Green, Kory Schniedermeyer; Beef – Kolton Orth; Rabbits – David Schormann, Brianna Baker, Nicole Baker; Foods – Kirsten Shramek; Arts & Crafts – Kirsten Shramek, Lacy Pope.