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A year in the making, what’s the perfect gift

Posted on Monday, June 24, 2013 at 9:15 am

“patiently” waiting for June 30 to get here and monitoring the weather every chance I could to depict what kind of wedding day I should expect. Several times it was forecasted to rain, then just clouds, and finally when the day arrived, I was greeted with 103 degrees of full sun and drought like surroundings. It wasn’t the perfect wedding by any means as the ceremony had to be moved inside to keep everyone comfortable, the outdoor pictures looked more like Fall pictures due to the dead grass, zippers broke and center pieces dumped onto the floor, but it was my wedding day and that I will never forget.

Fast forward to this year and I can say that time surely did fly. I can’t believe that I will have one year of being “the old ball and chain” under my belt. It got me to thinking…I should probably buy a gift, or plan a day out. I looked up anniversary gifts and what each year meant. The website I stumbled across ( gave both traditional and modern gift ideas. For the traditional one-year anniversary, it offers the suggestion of paper. You can be as creative with that as you want; I know I am going to have to think hard about that one. For the modern suggestions it listed clocks, plastic, and gold jewelry. I think I am going to go with the challenge of paper this year. I’m not sure if I like the modern suggestions as much….they just seem less, I don’t know, traditional. Maybe they come off as “easy” to me. There is always an option in the modern column for a different kind of gem stone, and I think getting a piece of jewelry every year would turn into something pretty redundant and pricey, not to mention I don’t think my husband would wear it anyway.

Maybe we will craft something together that has to do with paper. I’m thinking of framing our vows and starting our picture wall that I have been meaning to get done. It will be simple, and inexpensive but meaningful. It could be the perfect thing for our one year anniversary.

An anniversary should be treated special. It is a day that marks another year that has gone by of something that is of great significance in your life. It’s to remind you to never forget that day, the feelings that you felt and the love that you began with. A wedding anniversary carries many happy feelings with it. I can say that this year felt like a breeze and I hope the next year is the same easy-going outcome. So here is to many more years of fun, laughs, and love.