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Adopt-a-Family for the holiday season

Posted on Monday, October 28, 2013 at 9:50 am

As families continue to apply for Lincoln County Adopt-a-Family, the search for adopters continues. Could this be you? Do you find yourself thankful for what you have and want to share your abundance with those in need? Then the following is meant for you! Listed below are some of the families that are available for adoption. Maybe a family catches your eye because you can relate to their situation. Consider adopting one of these families. If you can’t do it alone, consider teaming up with neighbors, friends, co-workers, your church group, or members of an organization you are a part of. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these families this Christmas!

#017: Single mom of 4. Can’t find work. Needs: Pots & Pans, Towels, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Digital Camera, Xbox Game, Now & Later Candy, Duck Dynasty Shirt, Legos

#018: Family of 5. Fiance hurt @ work. Mom unemployed. Needs: Vacuum, Pots & Pans, Sheets, Silverware. Gift Suggestions: Hair Straightener, Socket Set, Monster High Doll, Barbie Accessories, Toy Dog.

#019: Single mom of 4. Unemployed, no transportation. Needs: Dressers, Coffee Pot, Curtains. Gift Suggestions: Christmas Tree, Small Radio, Football, Art Set, Nerf Gun, Transformers, Baby Doll Clothes.

#020: Family of 6. Spouse in prison. Lost home. Needs: Tupperware, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: “Live, Laugh, Love” Decor, Hunting/Fishing Accessories, Legos, Cardinals Jersey, Mizzou Gear, Army Men

#021: Dad laid off from work recently. Mom just had knee surgery and out of work for several months. Needs: Twin Bed, Towels, Pots & Pans, Coats. Gift Suggestions: Phone Card, Watch, Ninja Turtles, Princess Toys, Elmo

#022: Grandparents raising their granddaughter. Needs: Lift Chair (Recliner), Couch, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: BBQ Grill (used), Sewing Machine (used), Dora Sleeping Bag, Leap Frog Toys.

#024: Single mom trying to do her best with her situation. Has to take her youngest to work, can’t afford daycare. Needs: Bedding, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Hair Straightener, Ear Buds, iTunes Card, Sophia Doll, Play Make-up Vanity.

#025: Husband has severe health issues that prevent him from working full time. Daughter has health problems that keep her from school. Needs: Frying Pan, Kitchen Towels, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Novels, Cat Fishing Accessories, Hair Clippers, Hello Kitty, Board Games.

#026: Single mom of teenage son. Just laid off. Unemployment won’t be sufficient for needs/bills. Needs: Gas Card, Pj’s. Gift Suggestions: Adjustable Weight Set, Michael’s Gift Card, Axe Cologne Set

#028: Couple w/2 teens. Moved to the area a year ago, trying to make a fresh start. Son struggles with mental illness. Needs: Crockpot, Sheets, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Perfume, Cologne, Football, Volleyball.

#029: Couple w/2 kids. Husband’s health has been bad lately. Grateful for any help. Needs: Crockpot, Twin Beds, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Perfume, Earrings, Board Games, Pillow Pet

#030: Single mom of 3. Can’t find work. Son is autistic. Needs: Bedding, Clothing, Towels. Gift Suggestions: CD Player, PS3 Game, Soccer Equipment, Learning Toys, Books

If you are interested in adopting one of these families, or would like more information, please call (636) 244-4640. If your family is in need of assistance for Christmas and would like to apply, applications are accepted at Harvester Christian Church, located at 43 Front St. in Troy. Applications are accepted Monday & Fridays 9:3- to Noon and Thursdays (no applications on 10/31) 6-7:30 p.m.