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Adopt-a-Family needs your support

Posted on Monday, November 4, 2013 at 10:04 am

As families continue to apply for Lincoln County Adopt-a-Family, the search for adopters continues. Could this be you? Do you find yourself thankful for what you have and want to share your abundance with those in need? Then the following is meant for you! Listed below are some of the families that are available for adoption. Maybe a family catches your eye because you can relate to their situation. Consider adopting one of these families. If you can’t do it alone, consider teaming up with neighbors, friends, co-workers, your church group, or members of an organization you are a part of. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these families this Christmas!

#033: Single Dad. injured from accident @ work, hard finding work due to permanent injury. Needs: Refrigerator, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Terrarium, Gas Card, Legos, Bike, Play-doh

#035: Mom of 2 teenagers. Living with her mother, trying to help out. Needs: Sheets, Microwave, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Comforter, Fishing Pole, Hair Straightener.

#036: Young single mother of infant. No income, living with mother. Needs: Towels, Sheets, Microwave. Gift Suggestions: Comforter, High Chair, Stroller.

#042: Family of 4. Husband disabled, on leave of absence. Needs: Pots & pans, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Winter Boots, Coat, Perfume, Monster Truck, Bike

#043: Both parents laid off due to health problems. Husband finally able to go back to work soon. Needs: Washer & Dryer, Twin Bed, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Beard Trimmer, Legos, Radio, Axe Cologne.

#046: Single mom, needs back surgery. Needs: Microwave, Coffee Pot, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Winter Boots, Decorative Duct Tape & Project Book, RC Helicopter, BB Target, Paint Supplies.

#049: Husband’s hours cut at work. Wife is on disability. Behind on bills. Needs: Clothing, Frying Pan. Gift Suggestions: Gas Card, Used Sewing Machine, Xbox Game, Cowboy Boots.

#050: Husband disabled, Wife has a bad back & leg problems. Needs: Sheets, Comforter, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Hair Accessories, PS2 Game, Wal-Mart Gift Card.

#051: Single mom of 1, also raising her granddaughter. Needs: Sheets, Clothing, Coat, Socks. Gift Suggestions: DVD Player, CD Player, DS Games.

#053: Both parents disabled, have 2 young children. Needs: Blankets, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Curling Iron, Wood Working Hand Tools, Angry Birds, Wii Game.

#054: Husband paralyzed. Wife has seizures. 2 children. Needs: Pillows, Sheets, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Nike Hat, Acrylic Paints & Canvas, Tie Dye Room Decor, Scrapbooking Kit.

#056: Single mom of 4. In car accident a year ago & broke neck. Unemployed. Needs: Blinds, Blankets, Pats & Pans. Gift Suggestions: Picture Frames. DVD Player, Art Supplies

#057: Single mom of 2 & Grandmother in home. 1 child is bi-polar & has Asperger’s. Needs: Clothing, Pots & Pans, Blankets. Gift Suggestions: Bath gift set, Waffle Iron, Comforter, Gift Card, Bey Blades.

#058. Parents of 2 Autistic children. Mom works, struggling to provide for family. Needs: Blankets, Furniture (only has beds for children). Gift Suggestions: Novels, Cookbooks, Art Supplies, Hello Kitty Shirt, Dolls

#060: Mom of 2, working part time. Father is in prison. No transportation, gets rides to work via neighbors. Needs: Dishes, Silverware, Refrigerator, Clothing, Gift Suggestions: Bath gift set, Monster High Doll, Make-up/Nail Polish.

If you are interested in adopting one of these families, or would like more information, please call (636) 244-4640. If your family is in need of assistance for Christmas and would like to apply, applications are accepted at Harvester Christian Church, located at 43 Front St. in Troy. Hours for applications are Monday & Fridays, 9:30-Noon and Thursdays 6-7:30 pm.