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Affordable Health Care Act raising anxieties of nation

Posted on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 11:26 am

The Affordable Health Care Act has certainly gotten off to a rocky start in its first month, giving some credence to its critics who want a delay in the registration period. Like a newborn infant, the program isn’t walking well yet and is dependent on others in its nurturing.

If you have heard it once in the last few days, you have probably heard the video where President Obama says ‘if you like your doctor or your health plan, you can keep it.’ To the millions who have received cancellation notices from the current insurers, that seems like a hollow promise. They will have to go into the health exchange program and seek new coverage. Many others have expressed the issue that their deductibles and co-pays will cost more than they previously paid. It seems to me that the ‘middle class’ and those who have had health insurance in the past are being asked to ‘pony’ up and pay for the insurance coverage of those 43 million plus who had no previous coverage. It doesn’t seem like the right way to proceed but I do not have the answer either. Kathleen

Sebelius, Health and Human Services director, has now appeared twice before House and Senate committees looking into the money seemingly unwisely spent on the creation of a website which has not worked effectively to date.

Health care reform has been examined and looked at by every President since Harry Truman. Following the 2008 election, Obama successfully proposed and with both Houses of Congress ruled with Democratic majorities, passed this legislation in 2010. In my opinion, has anyone asked if perhaps this change was passed without proper research, just to get something done quickly and then discontinued looking into it over the past three years. Many people are becoming very distressed about their future health care as premiums continue to escalate and both Democrats and Republicans are entrenched in their positions. Laws enacted can always be changed but only through compromise, negotiation and a detailed commitment to find the right combination to benefit the nation as a whole. Those three ingredients are lacking with our policymakers in Washington on this issue and many others. Health care should be a right for all Americans, not just a privileged few.

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I recently took some days off. Instead of recharging my batteries, I have become despaired on the leadership coming out of Washington. With the President’s approval rating dropping and Congressional ratings plummeting, those guys just don’t get it and are comfortable in their positions. They should be asking themselves how to regain trust of the American people. America is still the greatest nation on earth in spite of the leadership they are not getting. We can do better!

By Bob Simmons