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An update on Julia Stone, her progress so far

Posted on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 11:01 am

Julia Stone

Julia Stone wearing one of her many hats that have been gifted to her after losing her hair. She gives the “thumbs up” sign to the camera.


I have promised several people that I would periodically write updates on Julia Stone, my best friend’s three-year-old cousin who has been diagnosed with stage 4 Ewing Sarcoma. The last time I wrote Juls had just started chemotherapy and there were still a lot of things that were unclear, like how will her body react to the process, will it work, will she be able to go home between treatments and so on.

We now have some of those answers, but not all. Juls has handled the high dose of chemotherapy very well. She has shown some side effects, like mouth blisters and loss of appetite, but she has been able to stay her cheery self through most of the process. Julia has also lost her curly golden locks but her fever has been fairly stable with only a few spikes that caused concern.

The mass in her leg has changed its form so that gives us all great hope that the chemo is doing it’s job, but we won’t know anything for sure until her six week scans. She has been home several times and had many, many visitors at home and while she was in the hospital. As of now Juls has had two blood transfusions and is just finishing up her second week of chemo. She has been able to catch up on her favorite shows, The Smurfs, Duck Dynasty and Care Bears while in the hospital. On good days she likes to play in the Olson Family Garden, which is on the rooftop of Children’s Hospital. When she is at home, the community greets her with open arms and everyone wants to pay a visit. She always makes sure to rest up for the next day of fun as she likes to go-go-go!

Many fundraising events have come and gone, making a huge impact in the small Rosebud and Owensville communities. Success with truck and tractor pulls, demolition derbys, donut sales, t-shirts, bracelets, and many more events have brought some comfort to the family knowing that everyone is standing behind them and some of their travel and medical expenses will be covered as they live nearly three hours away from the hospital.

What’s happening here? Well currently the family in Lincoln County is trying to gather enough sponsors for t-shirt sales and silent auction items. They are in the middle of planning for a silent auction and fundraising night for proceeds to go directly to the Stone family. If you know of a business willing to sponsor the t-shirts or donate to the auction, please contact Jennifer Hollandsworth at 573-880-JULS or by email at Details will be released as soon as the events are setup. Behind the scenes many women have signed up to grow out their hair for Locks of Love. This won’t directly help Juls but it will reach out to other patients who are going though hard times and hopefully help them to push through their battles. Prayer chains have been started and paracord bracelets will be for sale in the near future at all the Lincoln County fundraising events.

For an easy way to keep up with the Stone family, check out the blog ( Here you can check out the fundraising events that could be happening in your area, and see Juls’ progress as she continues to “Fight like a GIRL”. There is also a Facebook page, Prayers for Julia, which has all the information on it as well. My next update will hopefully be filled with good news from her six-week scans!

By Kristen Harris