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Area police making dreams come true for boy with special parade, events

Posted on Monday, September 10, 2018 at 5:17 pm

Winfield Police Officer Wade Lovelace gives Carter a huge hug. Submitted photo).

It seems as though the daily news reports harp on the negative that happens in society.   

Recently though, some local law enforcement officers joined forces to show some kindness to a little boy who has an infatuation with police officers.

At his fourth birthday party, Carter Carroll, was surprised when a procession of police cars with lights and sirens drove up his driveway.   The event was orchestrated by Winfield Police Officer Wade Lovelace, who believes in the department’s philosophy of being community oriented. 

At the party Carter was dressed in his favorite clothes, an authentic police uniform given to him by his grandma, Glenna Carroll and had not one, but two birthday cakes decorated with police cars.  Officers from Old Monroe and Elsberry joined Winfield in the convoy for the special occasion.

Carter is a special little boy who was born with Spina Bifida.  His medical needs are numerous on a daily basis, and sometimes require long hospital stays at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. His parents just learned that Carter now has stage three kidney disease. 

When asked why he would go to such an extent for a little boy Lovelace said, “Carter is an inspiration to all of us. If we could all endure a quarter of what that little boy endures physically and mentally and still have the strength to smile and enjoy life the way he does, the world would be a much better place.”

His excitement over police officers, or “Po-Po”, as he says, began early on when he first came in contact with former Winfield Police Chief, Chuck Hobby.

This birthday, Carter received a special birthday gift from Hobby and his family, and friends, Stacee and Jared Lange, a custom built dirt bike decked out in police decals, lights and siren.  He has partial paralyses in his legs and feet so the controls are on the handles. 

His passion continues to this day as officer’s frequent Sundae Fundae Cafe in Winfield, the business owned by his parents, Brittany and Derek Carroll. 

The Carroll’s explain that the generosity shown for them and their four children doesn’t stop at the people that support their business.

Last year the Winfield Youth Football League held a Rally for Carter; people they hardly know will stop by and give them gift cards to help with travel back and forth to the hospital and doctor appointments.

“We love being a part of such a kind, caring, giving, and close knit community.” 

Because of the support of Winfield and the surrounding area residents their business has thrived and expanded not only in the menu, but space as well. 

The Carroll’s added, “We can’t thank everyone, especially the Winfield Police Department for making Carter’s fourth birthday so special”.

This story is not complete without taking the time to watch the video associated with the big event.  The Winfield Police Department wanted to make a video and have pictures for Carter and his family for their memories. 

Lovelace contacted some friends, Christopher and Lisa Owen, owners of Reflections Photography and I Spy Aerial Photography to help in the endeavor.   The Owen’s were happy to step up and volunteer their time and talents to the family and the police department. 

Article courtesy of The Elsberry Democrat.

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