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Be aware of the conditions before you travel, stay safe

Posted on Monday, March 4, 2013 at 8:26 am

We had a good run this winter with avoiding the slushy snow, ice and dangerous roads, but at last, the kids got their snow days they had been dreaming of (I guess that goes for teachers too). It wasn’t that bad…even though I don’t like the mess and the cold. I experienced my first round of shoveling my driveway. It was a great workout, and I can say I felt it for days later. I don’t plan on doing it again until next year though!

The winter weather has caused a lot of businesses to close, and many had scary driving experiences during their outings. I can say after work, I didn’t go back out on the roads. It’s hard to trust other drivers when the weather is dry, let alone when there is potential for black ice and slippery slush between you and the next vehicle.

When I was on my way home I witnessed several “no, nos” from other drivers. Tailgating can get you a ticket on a normal day, what does it get you on a snowy day…nothing good, that’s what. Being a cautious driver is a good thing in conditions like we have had the past week or so. To try and push another driver out of their comfort zone when the possibility of an accident is greater, that’s just irresponsible. Please be kind to the other drivers on the road. They are trying to get home to their loved ones just like you and their slower driving will help to insure that both you and them arrive in one piece.

I watched a clip of a Russian bus driver who was said to have “had enough” with how people were driving and decided to take it into his own hands. He is now called “The Punisher” and is feared by local drivers. Every time he is cut off or a driver is not abiding by the rules, he lets them know with a slight tap of bumpers, or a swerve into their lane. He has been in over 100 “accidents” by doing this and said he thinks it’s making a difference.

I think that’s a little extreme…plus no one here would be able to justify their actions and get away with it like he did in Russia. I do think that we need more common sense, and patience on the roadway. I’m guilty of having road rage at times, and sometimes when I get behind that “slow” person I count my blessings and think that maybe they were put in front of me to save me… but then other times it just frustrates me to no end. You never know what His plans are for you and maybe that slow vehicle is just there to help. Think about it next time and be aware of your surroundings as you are driving.

There is no point in trying to get somewhere quickly if you don’t even make it at all.

By Kristen