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Bring more natural light into a home

Maximizing natural light in a home is a smart and sometimes low cost renovation. Homes that are dark and drab can drain energy levels and reduce productivity. In addition, dark rooms may not be inviting places to gather as a family, or when entertaining.
Certain factors contribute to a dark home. Houses that face north or east may not get the same level of sunlight. Mountains, buildings and even latitude can effect the amount of natural light that enters a home.
. The style of a home and its attributes also may create dark conditions. Deep house eaves as well as smart windows or too few windows also can contribute to a deficit of light indoors. A major remodel certainly can remedy the situation. However, there also are other less-extensive strategies to improve natural light.
. Assess the situation before renovating. Walk around the house and determine which rooms get the most light and which conditions may be contributing to the problem in other areas.
. Lighten up window treatments. Heavy drapes, or thick blinds can be replaced with translucent alternatives.
. Install new windows and doors. If the budget allows installing larger windows in a home will allow more natural light in.
. Maximize sunlight from above. Skylights will bring light into a home as the sun passes overhead. Tubular skylights can bring natural sunlight into spaces where you may not expect skylights to be practical.
. Use reflective decor. Reflective services, including glass and metal, can brighten up a room and diffuse light around the room.
. Prune trees regularly. Cut back branches and keep trees tidy to maximize sunlight. Avoid planting tall shrubbery in front of windows.
. Routinely clean windows and glass doors. Dirt and other grime can prevent light from getting through. Regularly give windows a thorough washing.
Natural light is an important commodity in a home. Sunlight can improve mood and go a long way toward keeping occupants healthy and happy.