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Browne compiles poetry into book of “Sea Stories”

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013 at 8:57 am

Robert Browne

Robert E. Browne, of Winfield has been writing poems, short stories and much more for the past 20 years and now has a book, “Sea Stories”, that is available to purchase through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble in paperback form or ebooks.

Browne is a retired sailor for the U.S. Navy and that’s where his writing began. As soon as he retired, his wife bought him a word processor so he could type out all of his creative pieces of literature and it snowballed from there.

Browne is apart of Saturday Writers in St. Peters which meets once a month. Through Saturday Writers Browne has entered many of his pieces in contests and won. “I just focus on writing what I know and that’s what brings me inspiration,” said Browne.

“I have one book published and about five others that are ready to go,” commented Browne. “I was always told to ‘have authority in what you write’ so that’s what I did.”

Browne’s collection ranges from humor to romance and can be appealing to anyone who enjoys poetry. There is a section that is labeled “For Sailors Only” which is a grouping of poems that remind Browne of his time in the Navy.

“There is nothing I would prefer more than to be called a sailor,” Browne said. “It was the best thing that has ever happened to me, I loved it.”

The poems in “Sea Stories” are quick and easy reads with many cleaver lines and brilliant descriptions to make you feel like you are there. Browne mentioned that in today’s fast paced world that sometimes a quick read is all you have time for. “It’s something you can pick up and read a couple of poems and come back to it. It’s not going to take you 1,000 or more pages to get to the point.”

“Sea Stories” is a collection of short stories written in poetic form. Browne says, “These stories are more than just tales of the sea; they are the soul of the sea with the violence storms, the horror of ghosts, the blood of wars, and the loyalty to our country in the timeless tradition of sailors of the U.S. Navy.”

“Sea Stories” would be an excellent way to pass the time while escaping off into the fictional world that Browne has created. Make sure to buy your copy today and get lost within the sea.