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Car seats save lives, make sure you have the best

Posted on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 10:01 am

The County Commissioners of Lincoln County and the Board of Trustees of the Lincoln County Health Department passed an ordinance that has been in effect for a year for Children’s Car Seats. An Ordinance establishing the regulations related to sales of used, expired, damaged, missing any parts (including the owners manual), or is otherwise unfit for the safe transport.

In a recent car accident in Lincoln County, a mother and her infant daughter were rear-ended. The infant was in a car seat that did its job. In the accident, the car seat functioned as it should and protected the baby from harm. After the accident, the car seat showed little signs of damage, however there is no guarantee that the Car Seat would function properly in another crash. The ordinance prohibits the sale of that car seat for future use.

“This accident is an example of the benefits of wearing your seat belt (mom only had some scrapes and was sore) and the little one only had a minor cut from the glass.

We continue to have our car seat program at the health department and partner with the county fire departments and the ambulance district in ensuring the children of our county are safe while traveling in vehicles,” says Lincoln County Coroner, Health Educator/Maternal Child Health, Lisa Sitler.

For More information on the car seat ordinance or car seat programs, please call Lisa Sitler at 636-528-6117.

Pictured above: The car was rear-ended in a accident. The mother and the child were both wearing their seat belts and walked away with a few scrapes and bruises. The child seat in the back, performed its safety duties and protected the baby. The car seat should never be used again.