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Chamber of Commerce unveils three year plan

Posted on Monday, March 11, 2013 at 8:48 am

Troy Area Chamber of Commerce has unveiled a three-year strategic plan in order to better serve local businesses. On March 4 the Chamber president, Kevin Hurd, announced the plan that consists of five major goals. The five goals are advocacy, business development, chamber operations, connections, and finance. The Chamber of Commerce saw the need for a three-year commitment in order to be able to realize the full potential of their goals.

The Chamber plans to broaden their scope through advocacy as well as establish a defined process for legislative issues. They want to focus on business development in order to help with membership retention, expansion and member’s workforce development. By working on the organizational structure, procedures and providing training for the board they hope to improve chamber operations. The Chamber also wants to expand their connections through networking, diversity and relationships with elected officials. Finally, the Chamber of Commerce wants to secure their financial stability by renewing their contract with the license bureau, maintaining contracts with the city of Troy and developing a risk management plan.

The guests present at the meeting also heard from many members of the community including State Representative Ed Schieffer and Mayor Mark Cross.