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City of Silex welcomes in new leadership

Posted on Monday, April 15, 2013 at 9:35 am

During the regular meeting for the City of Silex, on Monday, April 8, new officers were sworn into their elected positions.

Janet Baker, former Mayor, swearing in Dave Rice, newly elected Mayor.

Previous Mayor, Janet Baker, performed the swearing in duties for the newly elected Mayor, Dave Rice. Mayor Dave Rice took control of the meeting and swore in new aldermen, Jamey Cockrell and Justin Spanier. All took their seats for the rest of the meeting while discussing matters on the agenda.

Janet Baker was presented with two plaques as a “thank you” from the aldermen and the City of Silex. (ledt)Baker served two terms as mayor and was instrumental in the move from the flood plain to the New Town of Silex among many other things.

Steve Twellman reported water leaking in the old town of Silex and asked for something to be done at the next meeting in order to stop it. There is also concern of muskrats in the lagoons and a motion to control the population was agreed upon.

The Silex City Police reported break-ins and requested that everyone keep expensive or desirable belongings out of sight if left in a car, and all windows and doors locked while your house is unoccupied. The department has also asked to purchase a gun for officer Matt Bohn. The gun is already owned by the city, as it was bought many years ago for the department. Bohn would like to make the purchase to own the gun. This was up for discussion and Officer Bohn was asked to get an appraisal of the gun and a dollar amount so the city could decide to go forward with it or not.

A motion to pay bills ended the night with all ayes.