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Commitment is NOT in question as Troy basketball begins

Posted on Monday, October 29, 2018 at 4:50 pm

By Dylan Buck
Troy Buchanan High School

As the 2018-19 basketball season for Troy Buchanan High School begins, will this year be a comeback season for the players? With all the hype around the Boys Basketball team, what does the basketball team expect from themselves?

“We have really been grinding and training for the last 8 months so I am very eager to see how that pays off,” Coach Dan Moore said. “I really want to grind it out against all of the teams this year.”

Although players have a lot going they still have high expectations for the season and just playing basketball this year.

“This year, I want to make sure I’m helping the team in any way I possibly can,” senior  Chase Bassham said.

Moore expects great things from this Trojan squad, but with that comes a requirement of putting in all of their effort.

“Each game is a test for where you’re at I don’t put any more stock in one game then another one, each game is the same to me.” Coach Moore said.

All players new or returning have struggled at some point during the season. Yet, they still find ways to improve and stay determined.

“This year our team is focused around selflessness so there are people that are selfish then those who are selfless,” Bassham said.

With the magnitude of so many opponents in such a short period of time a lot of planning and preparation come along with playing the sport.

“I have no idea on the outcome basketball is a 4 month grind I’m eager to see how the guys respond game by game,” Moore said. “All I’m concentrating about is Marquette that tuesday before thanksgiving break.”

Although Basketball is a team sport individuals have their own goals for the season.

“I want to grind it out against everyone and keep the team maximizing themselves and get to our full potential,” Bassham said.

With hard work and determination from the players, this season could shape out to have a good turnout for the team. So Troy should expect another great season from the Basketball program.

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