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Committee responds to Moscow Mills’ compliance plan

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 at 8:22 am

The Moscow Mills Board of Aldermen were presented with a response on their compliance plan to address the city’s grant process for improvements to the city’s wastewater concerns.

“The State of Missouri Water and Wastewater Review Committee has reviewed the preliminary grant proposal and has provided a response that raises a few issues that need to be addressed before an invitation for grant funding can be offered by the state,” said Steve Etcher, executive director of the Boonslick Regional Planning Commission (BRPC). He submitted a project proposal to the committee in February to make improvements to city’s wastewater system. The proposal was based on the estimated costs developed in a preliminary engineering report developed by George Butler Associates, the city’s engineering firm. Boonslick proposed the city borrow, $1,155,200 through the Department of Natural Resources’ State Revolving Funds (SRF) and requested $500,000 through a Community Development Block Grant. The impact of the SRF loan on current rates would be approximately an additional $9.50 per month.

Among the suggestions the review committee suggested is that the city explore and evaluate the cost of a no-discharge system and a concern about the I&I problem. Both would need to be further explored by the engineering firm.

Boonslick’s recommendation is to have the no-discharge system further investigated by the engineer and as well as solutions to the I&I issue and projected costs. The aldermen took these recommendations for future consideration and will request a Boonslick representative to attend their July meeting.

Following an executive session, it was announced that the awarding of the bid to construct the maintenance storage building went to Maverick Construction with a bid of $69,800.

In the report from the Planning and Zoning Commission, after a presentation regarding annexation of the R&R Kientzy properties, Bart Berneking was advised that annexation would have to precede any application for re-zoning.

The board elected to retain their present health insurance provider for employees but will switch their dental coverage to another firm. Due to many questions concerning changes created by the Affordable Care Act, the plans will be re-evaluated later this year.

Under visitor’s comments, resident Larry Cumberland thanked Mayor Andy Teschendort and Police Chief Terry Foster for their efforts to get the grass cut in his subdivision.

Sonny Purler and Kathy Heibert, representing SMS Development, addressed the board concerning acceptance of specific street and sewer in Tropicana Village. They were requested to submit more specific locations of current sewer lines.

The board approved a sign request approved by Planning and Zoning submitted by the Bank of Old Monroe. Jim Price, of Price-Gnade Ford, was present concerning a water bill and improper functioning meter. The city and the dealership will continue to monitor the situation. The meter has been replaced.

Mayor Teschendorf was authorized to negotiate a new lease for the city in regards to the current police/municipal court facility.