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Connecting to agriculture, Thank a Farmer Week Feb. 2-8

Posted on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 8:21 am

Join Missouri Farm Bureau members across the stat February 2-8, as they draw attention during Thank a Farmer Week to the important role played by farmers and ranchers.

You can’t have a day without agriculture! From food, clothing, shelter, transportation…to personal hygiene items, medications, household items, all depend on agriculture. County Farm Bureau leaders across the state will reach out to share how agriculture impacts everyone.

Agriculture is important to the economy not only in Missouri but the nation. Today’s farmers grow more food and do it with fewer resources than any other time in history. As consumer demands change, farmers meet those needs by providing an increasing variety of goods. According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, technology and innovations in agriculture allow one U.S. farmer to provide enough food and fiber for 154 people.


Farms come in all sizes. Some are highly specialized while others are diverse. Statistics show farm families make up about two percent of the U.S. population, yet they provide for themselves and the other 98 percent.

The role of the farmer is often taken for granted since grocery shelves are filled with an overwhelming number of food product choices. On average, nearly 40,000 different items are available to American shoppers. Restaurant menus boast a variety of items from which to choose. However, many people fail to connect the dots to realize farmers are the source of their supply of food, says Jason Vandivort.

Consumers in the U.S. spend less than 10 percent of their disposable income on food, based on USDA figures. That amount is less than any country in the world.

Farming is about more than just food! Whether it is personal care products, medical items, school supplies, printed materials, sports equipment, manufacturing or construction products, agricultural products are in the formula. “Seldom do we stop and ask ourselves, ‘where did this come from?” says Vandivort. “Farmers and what they provide should not be taken for granted.”

Agriculture is an important part of Lincoln County’s economy. Farm businesses give back to the community in many ways while they produce food and fiber for the world. So, join the Lincoln County Farm Bureau as they pause to ‘Thank a Farmer’ for a job well done during their special promotion February 2-8.