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Construction progress details and handbooks approved at Winfield

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2013 at 9:14 am

A short meeting took place for the Winfield Board of Education on July 16 at the Central Office. On the agenda were the consent items, which were quickly passed.

Nancy Baker, Superintendent, spoke about Summer School attendance. This year about 82 percent of students held a steady attendance as opposed to last year’s 85 percent.

Paraprofessionals will be attending training day on August 13 to review and discuss expectations for their position. They will also be at the Back to School Night to meet their students they will be helping throughout the year.

A paraprofessional handbook was created for the first time to serve as a guide during the school year. This handbook has teaching strategies, services they are to provide and expectations. A High School faculty handbook was also approved with only minor changes from previous years.

In construction management, Bill Ahal, reported on the progress of all the work that is being done around the Winfield School District. The Land Survey work has been completed and the final boundary survey information is anticipated very soon on both the High School and Intermediate School properties. The design work on the transportation services building will be bid on in August. The Intermediate renovations will be bid on in the end of September or early October. The athletic facility design is anticipated to be bid on in late September. Tile removal bids have been taken and a contract was awarded to Talbert ICS for the planned removal of the tile from the Intermediate School. The tile removal is to begin as soon as possible. Ahal commented that asking for bids in the “off season” will help the district keep on budget as the businesses will be in a slower time and looking for work.

An employee recommendation form was presented to the Board members. The form shares information regarding numbers of applicants applying for the position, numbers of applicants’ interviewed, reasons the candidates were selected along with other information.

The next board meeting will be August 20 at 6 p.m. and everyone is invited to attend.