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Discussion of possible new site for Moscow Mills city hall

Posted on Monday, February 17, 2014 at 11:51 am

Among the discussions held at last week’s meeting of the Moscow Mills Board of Aldermen was in pursuit of a possible lease for a new city hall.

Alderman Melvin Gilbert Jr. brought the issue up of possibly leasing the space within the Bank of Old Monroe which previously housed a real estate office. Following discussion, the board authorized Mayor Andy Teschendorf to continue discussions with the bank while Alderman Mark Schuette, Teschendorf and City Clerk Linda Haynes review the budget to determine the city’s ability to finance the lease.

Under citizens’ comments, Larry Cumberland expressed concern about some possible nuisances in his neighborhood and if current city nuisance ordinance would allowance intervention by the city. He was told to file any complaint with the police department who will check on them.

The board awarded the bid to Hegemann Plumbing for the project planned at the Crooked Creek wastewater treatment facility. Their bid was for $84,345. Alderman Schuette wanted assurances that the project would not become too costly and end up costing more than what was budgeted for.

A meeting was approved for Feb. 24 to approve a brochure educating residents of the need for passage of the $3 million revenue bond issue for improvements to the water and system to meet EPA concerns.

They also approved John Campbell to a position on the Planning and Zoning Commission. He will replace Sheryl LeJeune. They tabled action on approving an agreement with the Missouri Department of Conservation concerning the Mill Site Project for additional clarification. The Lincoln County Coalition, MDC and the city are working on improvements at Mill Site Park.

Representatives from the George Butler Associates and Boonslick Regional Planning Commission, Alderman Schuetter; and Donny Hopkins, water and sewer superintendent, will attend Grant review committee meeting Feb. 20 in Jefferson City. This is in regards to the city’s application for grants.

A quarterly conference call will be established to keep all parties informed and updated on EPA recommended items.

Under the consent agenda, the latest Planning and Zoning Commission report was included. This was business conduced last November. There was open discussion held on the site plan for the proposed 8,000 square foot addition being pursued by Elite Tool. The project is not in the flood plain and the fire department had issued a site permit. The P/Z commission approved (5-0) the site plan.