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Do you ‘attach’ or ‘detach’ in life?

Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 10:19 am

I like to get my day started each morning by reading daily meditations. Sometimes they come from a book written by Ruth Fishel entitled “Wrinkles Don’t Hurt.” These are an attempt for us to grow old gracefully. Just for kicks, I’ll share the one for April 4, the day I am composing these weekly thoughts.

It begins with a quote from Meister Eckhart- “He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.”

Fishel writes:

“I have been practicing detachment for years, knowing intellectually the more attached I am to anything or anybody, the more I suffer. I have tried to remember to let go of my stories and just breathe when I am upset or my buttons are pushed.

“Sometime it works…sometimes not. Over the years it has improved.


I really got it!!

I felt a trigger and a reaction coming up in me and

I breathed, released and smiled

and the reaction released and I was happy

and this happened a few times…in seconds!

Ahhh…what wonderful teachings….

and I am so grateful I have stayed alive long enough to learn it!

I am smiling with gratitude.”

The dictionary says detachment could mean disinterest, aloofness and separation. How can you really live right and have a meaningful life if you go through it showing no interest in anything? How would that change life as we know it or for those who benefit from the care and compassion from others? I imagine life would be different for those dependent on area food pantries if there were no volunteers. Activities for the Special Olympics would probably come to a halt. What future would our ‘four-legged’ friends have if there were no shelters.

On March 30, I witnessed another effort which would not have been possible without so many who ‘attached’ their feelings for the betterment of others. Over $4,700 was raised in the Chicken Walk/Run to benefit the Calvary African Orphan Outreach Ministry. If those people would “detach” their feelings instead of “attach,” the children in that orphanage and village in another continent would not attain hope and a better way of life.

I think the author was trying to say that we must ‘roll with the punches’ in our everyday life but when it comes to serving others, there is no limit to our possibilities when we ‘attach’ our energy to others.

By Bob Simmons