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Domestic Violence: Working with victims and the offender workshop

Posted on Monday, July 21, 2014 at 8:48 am


Guest speaker Craig McIntosh addresses the workshop attendees.


The Lincoln County Domestic Violence Court Advisory Committee held a Domestic Violence Workshop for EMASS (Eastern Missouri Alternative Sentencing Services), attorneys, law enforcement, probation and patrol, counselors, therapists and victim advocates.

Approximately 62 people came out to the Troy Ninth Grade Center to sit in on the workshop. “We are excited to have so many people come out to be educated. At the same time they are sitting here learning, they will also be earning credit hours,” said Tina Clayton.

One of the highlights of the workshop was Colleen Coble who spoke on the Missouri laws that address sexual violence and how they have changed throughout the years. Coble focused her discussion on the good news surrounding such a dark circumstance. She wanted to remind everyone of their successes and the pathway down which the new Missouri laws are taking the state.

“She (Colleen Coble) is a rockstar at these events,” Judge Pat Flynn said. “I look up to her as a personal hero as she has been able to make so many great changes and help others work towards new goals to be able to help domestic violence victims. Colleen (Coble) was part of the inspiration with our Robertson Center here in Troy.”

Some of the accomplishments that Coble has had a part in are obtaining the nation’s first federal disaster relief funding for battered women’s services; developed a statewide project to address the needs of impoverished victims of domestic violence through training more than 6,000 staff of Department of Social Service; obtained funding for Missouri’s first toll-free hotline for domestic and sexual violence victims; served on the Attorney General’s Task Force on Domestic Violence to establish, review and revise 30 years of Missouri domestic violence laws, which passed unanimously in 2011, and many more accomplishments.

There were eight speakers throughout the day: Colleen Coble, Mary Sullivan-Thomas, Holly Yoakum, Tara Boyer, Mark, Jerri, Craig McIntosh, and Sheryl LeJeune. All these speakers brought in their knowledge and personal experience to teach the group about domestic violence. Mark, a former batterer, spoke on his experience and how he turned around his life for the better. Jerri, a survivor of domestic violence since 2008, addressed the crowd. Jerri is now a domestic violence advocate and raises awareness everywhere possible.

Sponsoring this workshop were Lincoln County R-III Schools, EMASS, Troy Wal-Mart, Pepsi, and Davenport Tomko & Butler.