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Experiencing the Kirby Vacuum not a weekend highlight

Posted on Monday, July 8, 2013 at 8:53 am

“I only know of two types of people who like dirt, and they are farmers and pigs, and I don’t see you on a farm right now.” That’s how I spent a good chunk of my first anniversary, arguing with a Kirby Vacuum sales person who just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Let me start from the beginning. I answered the door after the bell rang to find someone I wasn’t familiar with. He asked me about our house and how much we cleaned. I offered him the answers he was looking for and somehow he weaseled his way into my living room, to which my husband, my brother and my sister were sitting. After all the introductions he announced that he wanted to show us how the Kirby would clean our area rug. He walked out of the door and said he would be back in a second with his equipment…and boy he made himself at home when he returned.

I was still slightly confused to how he got into my living room and who said he could clean the carpet (the carpet that I had JUST cleaned the day before). After several demonstrations of how the Kirby works, and almost two hours of the same line “If it was affordable you would want to own this, right?” or “If the savings out weighed the cost, this would be worth it, right?” Without knowing the exact price, I already knew this wasn’t something we were looking to buy, or could buy at that. Explaining that we didn’t have the extra cash for payments and didn’t want to waste his time further…and that it was our anniversary, we went ahead and said we would not purchase the vacuum. He continued to call his boss and give us more “discounts.”

The original price of the Kirby Vacuum that he wanted us to buy was $2,400. With the anniversary discount, homeowners discount, first time demonstration discount, and trading in our Hoover Vacuum, he knocked it down to $1,700. Still not something we would even consider paying. After a long two hours of the back and forth….demo after demo, and him telling us his life story of his schooling that he needs to pay off, and how he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, he FINALLY left.

When I was living out in Winfield on 3 acres with my parents we barely experienced the door-to-door salesperson. Now that I live in town and in a subdivision I have experienced the nagging, pleading and friendly salesperson…its more often than I ever would have thought. I respect what they do, because I could never do it, but you have to know when it’s just not going to happen. Sometimes your sale will go through and others it will just not be what the homeowner is looking for. Knowing that a vacuum cleaner is not my top priority right now, as I have one that works just fine, I was not even going to consider something that was so pricey and not needed. So to everyone who has the tiresome job of selling anything, I salute you, but don’t over stay your welcome and know when the job is done.

By Kristen Harris