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Families still in need of adoption for holidays

Posted on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 11:31 am

Listed below are a few of the families in the program who are in need and awaiting your help. Maybe a family catches your eye because you can relate to their situation. Consider adopting one of these families. If you can’t do it alone, consider teaming up with neighbors, friends, co-workers, your church group, or members of an organization you are a part of. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these families this Christmas!

#071: Husband on disability, Mom pregnant and had to quit work. Need: Pots & Pans, Towels, Silverware, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: DVD Player, Tool Set, Wii Game, Dolls

#072: Dad laid off, needs shoulder surgery. Mom trying to get disability due to seizures. Income insufficient to meet needs. Needs: Wood Burning Stove to heat home, Bedding. Gift Suggestions: Gas Card, Electric Blanket, Cardinals Items, DS Game, Drawing Supplies

#077: Mom just had baby. Father works construction, no work currently. Needs: Washer, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Bath Set, Cologne, Baby Dolls, Cow Girl boots, Monster High Dolls, Barbies, Infant Toys

#082: Mom laid off work, working with doctors to help with health. Needs: Dresser, Towels, Toaster Oven, Clothes. Gift Suggestions: Gas Card, Headphones, Earbuds

#089: Both parents out of work. Vehicle needs repairs. Needs: Washer & Dryer, Dressers, Bedding, Clothing. Gift Suggestions: Candles, Mizzou Items, Coloring Books, Monster High Toys, Dress-up Clothes, Barbie Dolls, Bike, Hot Wheels

#094: Husband works few hours, wife needs job. 2 Sons with Mental disorders. Basement flooded. Needs: Silverware, Sheets, Blankets, Toaster Oven, Clothes. Gift Suggestions: GameStop Gift Card, Kohl’s Gift Card, Nerf Toys, Headphones, Karaoke System, Princess Stuff, Spiderman Stuff

#096: Single mom working with few hours. Helping son in college. Needs: Frying Pans, Dish Towels, Can Opener, Clothes. Gift Suggestions: Cast Iron Skillet, Action Movies

#097: Single mom of 4 children, no child support. Needs: Twin bed, Bath Towels, Clothes. Gift Suggestions: Candles, Football, Hot Wheels, Barbie Dolls, Monster High Doll Car

#098: Single mom of 4 children, no child support. Needs: Sheets, Towels, Microwave, Clothes. Gift Suggestions: Pizza Cooker, Hair Dryer, Baseball glove, Soccer Ball, Rams Jersey

#099: Dad can’t work because of health issues, waiting for disability, mom working. Needs: Clothes, Shoes. Gift Suggestions: Funny Movies, Cardinals Stuff, American Girl Doll, Fisher Price Crawl Car

If you are interested in adopting one of these families, or would like more information, please call (636) 244-4640, or email If you are a family in need of assistance, we are sorry to announce that we are no longer taking applications, due to being at capacity.