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Farewell to a great attraction in Lincoln County

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2013 at 3:10 pm

Have you ever gotten the “chills” during the spring time? Well recently I paid a visit to Mr. Bill’s Thrills as they carried out with their last haunted event on their land. I can say that I used to love to watch scary movies and always thought it would be fun to visit a real haunted house, but since I have “grown up” I don’t watch as many scary movies, and I’m not sure I would make it a night in a dusty creepy house with potential haunted guests among me. I walked around Bill’s Thrills and saw many young people dressing up and in creepy makeup, it didn’t bother me, it’s when you surround yourself with a group of screaming kids that might work up your nerves a bit. It’s the anticipation of what the next room holds and what will appear when the lights start flashing… that will really scare you. Their fear and anticipation transfers to you and works you up.

Marie and Bill Lash

I got to speak to Bill and Marie Lash about their time spent on Mr. Bill’s Thrills and found out that they are just as big hearted as you can get. They spent a lot of time and money on the Haunted Barn and the Trail of Terror and turn around and donate any profit they make back to the community or an organization they believe in. I think it’s a great way to show how much you care about the area. The attraction gave kids a safe place to have fun, and they also encouraged inspiring actors and actresses to join the crew in scaring the youth.

As I got a private tour (Marie talked me into it) I can say I was a little edgy not knowing what to expect around every turn. There were many paintings throughout the barn that Marie did herself and great decorations. Each room had a theme to it and a surprise waiting for you. My favorite part of the tour was when we got to what Marie called “The Vortex” It was a spinning tube that you walked though and even though the bridge that you were on wasn’t really moving, it certainly felt like it….or maybe it was swaying….I’m still not certain what was going on, all I know is that I was dizzy by the time I got out of their. The use of lighting and noises were just right as you passed through the barn. The actors and actresses gave it their all as they screamed and hollered at guests coming through the haunt.

I have never really been to a haunted house, aside from what we made in school, but it was a good time and the community will certainly take a hit as this great event closes. I’m glad that I got to at least experience it once and hope it opens back up one day through the family of grandkids. It was a neat experience and I wish the Lash family good health and all the best as they relax a bit and spend much needed time with family.