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Father Shane Morrison will donate kidney to ailing son Kyle

Posted on Monday, June 30, 2014 at 9:42 am

Four years ago, Kyle Morrison was born with Posterior Urethral Valve Disorder, causing gradual degeneration of his kidney functions and will require a costly transplant procedure. Kyle’s father Shane, a U.S. Army veteran of the most recent war in Iraq, was recently approved as his son’s donor; he’s finishing up the last few screening tests now. While insurance will help with much of the cost of the procedure, there are many costs associated with monitoring and caring for Kyle after the transplant.

“Transplants are always a treatment, never a cure,” explains Shane Morrison. “If you need a kidney and get one, it only lasts so long. The average life expectancy of a living, relative, donor kidney is 20-25 years. Then he’ll need another one. Then those funds, whatever is left, will always be there for him. If he’s 25, 30 years old, and needs another one, it can help cover that. The anti-rejection medication he takes will be twice a day, everyday, for the rest of his life.” In addition, twice weekly follow up visits will be required for the first month after the surgery, weekly follow ups for the next two.
Time is of the essence for Kyle, who currently only has 13 percent kidney function. “We chose to skip dialysis because it’s so dangerous, and it’s more expensive and painful. Plus more medication comes into play as well,” said Morrison. But there are other considerations. “As he gets older, he’ll be lower on the list. Some people wait 10-15 years to get a kidney. Many people die waiting. Hopefully this one will last long enough that one of his brothers or sisters will be able to give him one.”ShaneMorrisonKyleMorrison4yo

The family is organizing a Washer Tournament on August 9 to raise money for Kyle’s procedure and subsequent medical care. The family wants to make this event “as big as possible.” To support Kyle and play in the tournament, pre-registration is $15 per person and is open now through July 1. Registration at the gate is $20 per person. There will be special games for children, a raffle, silent auction and concessions. The Pepsi- Cola Bottling Company in Bowling Green has donated beverages for the event.

For more information or to pre-register for the event, contact the Morrison family at