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Father’s Day, a chance to give back

Posted on Monday, June 17, 2013 at 8:25 am

Since I wrote about Mother’s Day in May I feel it is only appropriate that I write about Father’s Day. I am, after all, a father myself and I feel like sometimes dads have to be the tough bad guys who lay down the law while moms often moderate difficult situations with their soft, kind, nurturing demeanor.

Father’s generally undertake the difficult task of being the disciplinarian, where they have to be tough but caring; stern but understanding; and objective but fair. It is easy for young children to get upset and frustrated with their fathers during this process, but as a father it is tough to punish your children. It is often difficult as a father to be anything but understanding and caring towards someone you love so much.

I know I was more than a handful when I was growing up and there were plenty of times when I would test my father. While I was growing up I did not understand my father’s reasoning. I just knew I was always right and he was wrong. He couldn’t possibly understand what I was going through.

Well, I could not have been more wrong. My father like most fathers was trying to help and my strong will just got in the way. Now that I am a father, I realize that my dad only wanted what was best for me. He only wanted to see me succeed and since he had gone through what I was going through he understood the best way to handle the task at hand. Fathers discipline because it teaches their children to be responsible for their actions. It allows their children to grow into successful and mature adults.

I know all situations are different but for me if it were not for my father I would not know how to ride a bike, throw a ball, or fish. My dad built me a tree house and taught me how to use tools along the way. He has always had the ability to show interest in what I was doing, to offer support and guidance along the way. Now that I am a father I realize the importance of guiding my son, because he too may be a father some day.

Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to give back to our fathers, to show that we support them and love them as much as they have supported and loved us. Being a father is not an easy job, but the benefits far outweigh any part that could be considered negative. For example this past week my son, after many battles, tears and arguments, learned to ride his bike with no training wheels. I could not have been more proud. It is truly a blessing to get to be a father and to watch my son grow every day. Happy Father’s Day!

By Clint Mix