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Fire District No. 1 begins home safety campaign

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 9:05 am

Think tips from professionals would go a long way to improve safety around the home? Well,, help is available with the beginning of a new program for area residents.

LiveSafe is a home fire safety campaign designed by Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1.  The project, in its beginning stages, focuses on identification of local fire causes and contributing factors, development of related safety messages and effective delivery of those messages to targeted audiences.  The goal of the project is to reduce the number of home fires in the district which currently stands at an average of 70 fires per year.

“Statistics show the vast majority of Lincoln County fires are caused by an unsafe action by the occupant or a failure to follow basic fire safety rules including proper maintenance of home systems, specifically appliances,” said Barry Nuss, district fire marshal and public information officer.

Historically, fire prevention programs focus the majority of educational messages on children or on nationally based campaigns.  Local fire causes and factors however, may not necessarily align with broad national strategies.  Children’s fire safety education will remain absolutely critical to the project’s success, but there are many other groups that need fire safety education.  These groups, identified based on local fire statistics include elderly persons, smokers, single parents, tenants, homeowners and those on fixed/low incomes.  The LiveSafe  project will focus specifically on these groups, using effective means to reach them, said Nuss.

One component of the LiveSafe  project is free Home Fire Safety Reviews for district residents.  When a resident requests a review, a trained fire inspector will provide them with a graded home fire safety report showing strong points and areas of improvement.  Residents are customers of the fire district and will not be required to fix or repair any deficiencies found.  The goal of this component is to help residents keep their families safe.

To schedule a Home Fire Safety Review, visit  the district on the web at or call  636-528-8567.

Many additional components are planned and will be added to the program in the future.