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Fraction creates wall mural

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 9:18 am

There is nothing like walking onto the hardwood court and hearing the sounds of sneakers running across the paint. There is a feeling of accomplishment that falls across the school as visitors gaze upon the many trophies and banners strung throughout the hallways and gym. But there is also a legacy that gets left behind by a handful of students who leave their mark painted on the walls. Joining this elite group is Charles Fraction, who now in his senior year, painted his masterpiece on the southern wall of the high school gymnasium with the Elsberry Indians as his muse.

“I started drawing my freshman year and I really wasn’t that good but my friend told me I could go somewhere if I kept drawing and drawing,” said Fraction. “So I looked up stuff on You Tube and looked up people on the Internet and studied their way and then added my own twists to stuff.”

Fraction explained that he wanted to put his own interpretations on how he felt things should be drawn as one day he hopes to design video games with high resolution and creative graphics.

“This year I worked harder and harder to perfect my faces,” said Fraction. “I’ve been working on how to draw people because of what I want to do with my future. Last year it was just about the fun of drawing and this year I’ve made the decision that I want to go as far as I can.”

The piece that showcases Fractions abilities as an artist is something generations of students will be able to enjoy. The concept, in his mind and later captured on canvas, was an Indian warrior breaking through the bricks of the high school gym. As he was unable to actually draw the Indian on the wall, Fraction said he had to replicate each brick so it would, in the end, look as though it was breaking through.

“My sophomore year the school wanted me to do a mural but I didn’t really want to, partially because I didn’t have a good idea as to what to draw and also because I wasn’t as confident in my work,” said Fraction. “But this year, I was drawing an Indian and decided to make him ripping through a wall because when I looked at our wall I thought it would be a great affect to see.”

Fraction said the idea came to him while looking up murals, such as the chalk murals that can be seen in New York that look as though they are coming out of the ground.

“I thought it was a sweet looking concept and decided I wanted to do something similar,” said Fraction. “This is something I want to make a living out of and I hope one day to live my dream.”

Fraction explained that he would like to design games such as Elder Scrolls or World of Warcraft.

“I love drawing gory stuff and I love mid-evil type games,” said Fraction. “Being able to draw mythical monsters and being able to draw your own thing is really cool to me and that’s where I want to go.”

Charles Fraction (bottom right) and the mural he created at Elsberry High School.