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Free diabetic testing supplies for Medicare patients

Posted on Monday, August 11, 2014 at 10:50 am

Owner Jerry Callahan (left) with pharmacist Jennifer Carroll.

Owner Jerry Callahan (left) with pharmacist Jennifer Carroll.

Starting Sept. 1, the Troy Medicine Shoppe will offer free testing supplies to any Medicare customer with diabetes. One does not need to be a past or current customer to obtain the free supplies. One simply needs to have a prescription for test strips from a doctor, Medicare coverage and diabetes.

In his frustration with mounting Medicare paperwork and falling co-pays, The Medicine Shoppe owner, Jerry Callahan, was inspired to create his own program for Medicare diabetes patients. “We thought, ‘what the heck, let’s bypass Medicare. Let’s create a program for Medicare-eligible patients. Their testing supplies will be free.’ There’s no condition that they have to be a customer of ours. They have to have a prescription from the doctor, and they have to be diabetics. We’ll supply them with a meter. The Prodigy brand meter is what we’ll start with.

Callahan’s goal is to help diabetic patients to better manage their disease. “Diabetes is one disease that the patient needs to take an active role,” Callahan explained. “Most people don’t die from diabetes, they die from the side effects.”

Working with his customers in Troy and Elsberry, Callahan noticed that many of his Medicare patients often weren’t aware of their numbers. He hopes this program will help his patients become more aware of their numbers. “If it’s successful, we may expand it to other diabetics,” he said. “That’s our goal to do a better job working with diabetic patients and helping them stay healthier.”