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From Fear To Fairies: Local Author Proves She Can Write In Any Genre

Posted on Monday, August 27, 2018 at 2:13 pm

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Piper Punches is a great name for an author – quick to say, easy to remember, and the alliteration is on point.

Although it is disappointing that Piper Punches is not her real name (not completely, she admits), local author Piper Punches’ penchant for branding has allowed her to escape into the world of her characters to create a series of books this town should be proud to call home to.

After growing up in New Melle, MO, and attending St. Louis University, Piper started her family early and now resides in Silex with her husband and youngest daughter, who is 14. Her oldest daughter, age 21, lives in downtown St. Louis and followed her mother’s footsteps by attending SLU as well.

Whether or not you enjoy the genre of novels Piper likes to write, (mainly suspense/crime), after speaking  to the author about her stories, you will want to order one of her books immediately. Two of her novels have recently made the Amazon Bestsellers List in their respective categories, and she has received praise from readers and industry professionals across the nation.

Piper’s newest book series is nothing like she’s ever published before. A far cry from the stories of violence and sex trafficking she is known for, her newest chapter book for young readers is bright, cheery, and extremely fun. ‘Brave Hearts: The Lavender Fairies’ is the first book in this new series. The story follows two fairies who reside in a lavender field. Aptly, the fairies are named after actual species of lavender plants and were inspired by the lavender farm Piper frequents for yoga classes in Wright City. 

Speaking to Piper, you would think that her characters are living, breathing people. The level of comfort and passion Piper has surrounding her characters is unlike most authors, and this is something Piper says helps her write.

“I have conversations with my characters in my head all the time,” she commented. “It’s my way of making sure that nothing in my characters is stereotypical. People ask me all the time how to get away from a character who is stereotypical, and I usually just talk with my characters, try to get to know them, and allow them to say things that seem totally out of character. This keeps them from being ordinary. I try to write my characters like they are really people, and people ask me a lot if my work is non-fiction, but no. It’s all fiction, I just want to tell a story.”

Storytelling is something Piper hopes to continue to do for years to come. “I have so many hopes and plans when it comes to my writing,” she says. “The biggest challenge for me is consistency, and I’m always working on that. I have some exciting collaborations coming up, new events to plan, and I’m constantly trying to think outside the box. Marketing is a challenge, especially for self-published authors, but I do my best to interact with people face-to-face and tell the stories I am passionate about.”

Piper will be hosting an event in conjunction with Naturally Designed, LLC in Troy on August 18 for children to design their own fairy houses. For more information about Piper and to find out about her upcoming events, where you can buy her books, and to keep up with the author, visit

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