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From the archives: June 28, 2015

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017 at 4:39 pm

Heavy rains this weekend sent creeks and rivers out of their banks, emergency service providers kept busy with evacuations and motorists were rerouted throughout Lincoln County.

Early Sunday morning at approximately 6:30 a.m., firefighters from Northwest Fire, Elsberry and Lincoln County Fire Protection District N.1 rescued two people from the second story of a home on Silex Elevator Rd. Approximately four feet of water was in the home and rising.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported during the flooding.

Severe storms and heavy rains again affected the Cuivre River. Serious flooding occurred in the Silex, Davis and Briscoe areas.

Law enforcement and fire agencies in Lincoln County have been rescuing residents early Sunday morning. Over 20 people have been rescued from their homes in and around Silex, Davis and Hawk Point.

Floodwater in Silex invaded homes and businesses included Bibb-Veach Funeral Home, Silex Banking Company, Baragiola lumber yard and hardware store and Scotty’s. The ballfields went under water as well. Silex City Hall also had water damage.

Many times over the weekend, getting into Silex was impossible as water was over all roads entering and leaving. It could have been worse if not for a majority of the citizens having moved uphill in recent years due to a federal buyout program. After remnants of Hurricane Ike in 2008, many moved to higher ground east of the original town. The moving of the business district did not occur at that time.

The Lincoln County Fire Protection District No. 1 provided temporary shelter for those rescued. Barry Nuss, fire marshall with the fire district, said a total of 25 people were evacuated over the weekend, mostly from the Davis area. Eleven people were temporarily housed at the fire station in Troy. Later, the American Red Cross assisted many with lodging arrangements.

Rising floodwaters from the Mississippi River, the Cuivre River and other local streams and creeks resulted in local authorities and the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to close roads. Overnight  Saturday through Sunday, over four inches of rain fell in Lincoln County.

As of Sunday evening all lanes of U.S. 61, one mile north of Troy at the Cuivre Rier Bridges were closed due to flash flooding.

The railroad track near Old Monroe and Route 79 had its bedding washed out. Officials have close off the area over concerns that the levee the track is on may collapse. On Monday, a levee was breached near Old Monroe, accelerating the concerns. There was some sandbagging in the city, mainly as a precautionary measure. The Old Monroe Fire Department rescued a man from the river in the Chain of Rocks area Tuesday as he attempted to get to his home.

Lincoln County was again hit hard Thursday evening with five to six more inches of rain pummeling the area. The levee at McLeans Creek at Winfield was topped by water, forcing evacuations in East Winfield. Hwy. 79 was closed in several places. The Lincoln County Emergency Management said a temporary shelter was temporary shelter was established at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Troy. MoDOT again closed  down all lanes of Hwy. 61 north of Troy as water  exceeded the flood level again.

Multiple water rescues from homes and vehicles have occurred. At one time, there had been six water rescues and nine water rescues were in progress. Rescues occurred in Troy City Limits, the Town of Davis, Gravens Road and Cuivre River State Park and Hwy. J. A strike team of five watercraft and additional rescue personnel were activated from the St. Charles area as well as the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Many area roads are flooded and inaccessible.