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From the archives: Troy agricultural program receives award

Posted on Monday, August 7, 2017 at 10:59 am

60 Years Ago
Aug. 9 , 1957

Harry Gooch, 58, a prominent businessman in Troy,died suddenly of a heart attack at Lincoln County Memorial Hospital.
He was president of the Lincoln County Motor Co., past president of the Troy Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club; active in the Methodist Church and was a delegate to the 1952 National Democratic Convention. Hewas also vice-president of the Gooch Motor Co., partner in the Gooch Bros. Oil Co. , and president of the Gooch Chevrolet in Elsberry.

Area boys selected to play in the Khoury League all-star game included Jerry Finley, Silex; Tommy Burke, Elsberry and Ronnie Wilson, Troy.

50 Years Ago
Aug. 11, 1967
Tom Bauman and Tonty Brow, both 18 years old of Troy were credited with sawing the life of a woman who was drowning in the Current River Near Big Spring State Park.

An open house was held at the Silex Community Medical Center. Dr. Juan Cancelada, M.D., is the doctor.
A group of local men formed a corporation and purchased the Ellis Buildings, the site where the center is located.

Donald Alexander Burkemper and Bernard Neil Burkemper reported for induction into the U.S. Army

Nancy Burkemper of Old Monroe, and Kenneth Colbert, of Hawk Point, exhibited the grand ad reserve champion steers at the Lincoln County Fair.

40 Years Ago
Aug. 10, 1977

City of Troy officials and engineer meet with residents of Old Cap-Au-Gris, Cap-Au-Gris and Meadowbrook streets to discuss proposed improvements. .

Dan Moore assumed his duties as superintendent of schools in the Winfeld-R-IV School District.

The Hawk Point VFW Auxiliary was formed with Twila Stuck install as president.

30 Years Ago
Those volumes have not been located.

20 Years Ago
Aug. 6, 1997
The Lincoln County Commission were presented petitions from residents of Fountain Lake Mobile Home Park for incorporation as a village.

10 Years Ago
Aug. 8, 2007

The Troy Agriculture Education Program at Buchanan was awarded the 2007 Outstanding Education Award by the Missouri Vocational Agriculture Program in the state.
Accepting the award were FFA instructors Alan Harrell, Rob Calvin, Doyle Justus, and Matt McCrory.

Troy’s Planning and Zoning Commission did not recommend the proposed “east-west’ corridor design to alleviate traffic into Troy. The issue called for use of Elm Tree Road / Presiding Commissioner Sean O’Brien said the county would not give u[ that road.

Jake Shafer, of Moscow Mills, signs a contact with the New York Yankees.