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Get started on spring cleaning

Warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunlight can recharge energy levels. Upon the arrival of spring, homeowners dust off their to-do lists and charge ahead with renewed vigor.
Many homeowners must tame the existing mess that may have built up over the winter. Establishing a plan and setting reachable goals can make spring cleaning a lot less daunting.
• Set aside several days for spring cleaning. A long weekend is a great time to do some spring cleaning, as having consecutive days to clean will reduce the chances you grow distracted.
• Make a list and purchase all of the supplies you will need. Again, this will help you stay on course, rather than going out to the store to pick up cleaners or organizational systems.
• Try to set reasonable goals. Even if you hope to clean the entire house, stick to the one or two rooms that are most desperate for your attention.
• Create your musical playlist. A playlist full of your favorite songs can provide some inspiration and energy to push you through when your enthusiasm starts to wane.
• Start from the top and work downward. Follow a logical cleaning order. Begin by dusting away cobwebs and lighting fixtures. Clean light switches and walls. Empty closets and then restock them in a more organized fashion.
• Be prepared to bid adieu to some of your stuff. Reorganize items you won’t be keeping into separate piles, with one pile for items you plan to donate and another for those items you will discard.