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Getting back on track

Posted on Monday, March 31, 2014 at 8:58 am

While I am sure I am not the only person out there that is a serial procrastinator, it is starting to become a bit more than I can even handle and if you asked my wife what I do that bothers her most she would most certainly say my constant tardiness. I have to give my self some credit, however, because I am nothing if not consistent.

Consistency, unfortunately, isn’t always a good thing, especially in my case where I am consistently late for everything. No matter what I’m getting ready for, be it work, or just a quick round of golf, I can always find something to tinker with, one last thing that needs straightened up, or a show that needs to be finished. Whatever the case I will absolutely make sure I am five to 10 minutes late to any place I am supposed to be.

My procrastination doesn’t just stop at being tardy; I also seem to find ways to push just about everything I have to do off until the last minute. In fact, I will find ways to make more work for myself so I don’t have to complete the project I am supposed to be finishing.

Procrastination has never bothered me until recently, as I have started taking on more projects and spreading myself even thinner as most of us tend to do. Like all good things, my infatuation with being a grade A procrastinator must now come to an end. As the saying goes, “Why put off ‘til tomorrow, what could get done today?”

Now I’m sure most of you reading this have perhaps already figured this valuable life skill out already. For those of you that are like me and are just now figuring it out or haven’t figured it out yet take it from me, the longer we push off our problems and the more problems we push off, the larger the pile of problems is going to be when we no longer have the time, strength, or luxury to push our problems off further. For me, I have reached the end of that road and now it’s time to sort through my problems, projects, and perhaps time to start running on time in order for me to lead a more productive and satisfying life. For those of you who are able to continue procrastinating please keep up the good fight. I’m sure I will be right there with you when I have to write another editorial in a week and a half.

By Clint Mix