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Girl Scouts help the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 8:15 am

Girl Scout Troop 2962 of Troy, heard on the radio, station 98.1, that two semi trucks would be leaving from St. Louis on Saturday afternoon 11/10 to help the Victims of Hurricane Sandy. The firehouses of the City of St. Louis and the Radio stations 98.1 and 102.5 were asking people to help fill the semi-trucks. The girl scout troop 2962 of Troy knew they wanted to help. They recieved permission from the Troy Walmart to stand outside of the store and pass out flyers that contained a list of the desperately needed items in New Jersey. “The people of Troy were so generous!”, said Casey Whitehead, one of the scouts. They collected 9 carts filled to capacity in less than 3 hours. “People donated boxes of diapers, tools, cleaning supplies, pet food–you name it!” , said Alex Boulware, another scout. The scouts loaded all of the donated items into a van (barely making everything fit) and drove an hour to Kirkwood on Friday evening, 11/9. “Girl Scouts has taught us that we can Take Action.” said Dani Boulware, 16, one of the scouts. “We wanted to make a difference. I know we did! I just wish we could see the faces of all of the people we helped!” “We wanted to thank Walmart for letting us stand outside and we wanted to say how proud we are of being part of Troy. The people are so generous!” said Anna Boulware, the troop’s leader
There are 3 girls in the troop, all age 16. Names are Dani Boulware, Casey Whitehead, and Alex Boulware. All age 16 and go to TBHS.