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Good news for the Stone family, Juls shows progress

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2013 at 9:43 am

JULIA STONE UPDATE: On Sept. 26 the Stone family was blessed with some great news from the Children’s Hospital staff. They were released to go home (just until the next round of chemo started) and also were told that Juls no longer had cancer detected in her bone marrow. After only a few weeks of chemo, Julia’s body was responding pretty well and working double duty to fight off the cancer cells. She did have some rough patches before this news where she was in the hospital and had another infection. Her white blood cell count was very low and she had to be put on IV’s since she wasn’t eating or drinking because of all the sores in her mouth and throat. After about a week of Juls being very down and sick she began to perk up and her release to go home helped more than any of the medication could have. Home is sometimes the best medicine someone can have, especially when you miss your family.

Julia StoneA seemingly gloomy day was brighten by a double rainbow shining bright on Wednesday Oct. 1 symbolizing another ray of hope. That was the day that Rachelle and Richie Stone got the news that Julia’s lung cancer had shrunk tremendously. Several days later the radiologist stopped by their room and explained that they actually couldn’t detect ANY cancer in her lungs. The radiologist told them that since it was just a chest scan, and not a CT scan that there still could be a little residual cancer, but if there is any, it’s small.

After hearing all the good news, the Stone family was told that Juls was going to be put on a lower dose of chemo for the next round due to the neurological side effects that she had been showing. This hopefully means that she wont get as many mouth sores and will feel well enough to eat and stay strong during her chemo treatments.

The doctors told the family that they couldn’t believe the progress that Julia was showing in the short amount of time and continued to tell them how hard it was to clear the lungs once they are in stage 4. Miracles can happen and this is proof. Juls isn’t out of the woods yet though, she will continue to go through the chemo and her next set of scans will show if there has been any change in her lymph nodes and liver cancer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Julia for the first time while she was staying at Children’s a couple weeks ago. It was a fun day. Juls wasn’t feeling herself when we went to visit, but she is always happy to have visitor, especially her Paw Paw Dave, which she just adores. It’s always hard to know someone in the hospital but it’s even harder when that someone is a child who doesn’t understand why they have to be hooked up to so many machines and can’t sleep in their own bed, or play with their siblings. Juls has shown a lot of strength through this process, and she continues to be an inspiration to many. To quote Julia, “Little people have to teach big people how to be brave.” I think this says a lot about who Julia Stone is and who she will grow up to be. She is a fighter, a brave little girl, inspiring many to do what they have been told was impossible and making us all believers. Keep the well wishes and prayers coming, Julia is making great progress and we are all hoping for positive CT scans soon!