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Goodbyes are always hard to say

Posted on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 8:28 am

The theme of this year’s Progress issue of The Lincoln County Journal is a look back through the years. Every other week for the past two years, you have seen my column (possibly even read it) in the Journal. I’ve had encouraging and some discouraging letters on my writing or my thoughts on life. Looking back, I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to share my thoughts. Hopefully I’ve touched someone’s life with my words. To all readers, this will be my last column in The Lincoln County Journal as a staff reporter, thank you.

Looking back through the years, The Lincoln County Journal has been in my life since I was in kindergarten participating in “Quite Frankly.”  I’ve been blessed to have had this opportunity to meet members of the community and hear their stories. Working at the Journal has opened my eyes to many issues in the county.  It has also helped me learn to not judge others before listening to both sides of the story, something I hope I remember throughout my life.

I will miss the Journal and the staff that puts it together each week.  In particular I will miss a person that encouraged and mentored me.  Lincoln County doesn’t realize how fortunate we are to have someone so dedicated to our county, our schools and our cities. That somebody is Bob Simmons. It has been great working with and for him. He has dedicated 40 years to the paper and this community. Ink runs through his veins.

As for everyone else at the Journal, they have tolerated me for two years, especially Kristen. I’m sure I’ve pushed her to the edge some days with my random outbursts of songs, wrong lyrics and silly antics. I will miss her and everyone else here at the paper. Looking back I’m sure the Journal will miss the random candid photos I’ve taken, the weird noises, silly songs, and sarcasm…maybe.

I’ve learned a lot from the community and the employees at the Journal. I want to thank you the reader, for opening the paper, reading it, commenting and sharing articles with others. This community is great and full of wonderful people.  How fortunate we are to still have a local newspaper.

It was a hard decision to leave this position, as I love my job and love the people with whom I work. Starting on February 18 I’ll be working for Lincoln County Council On Aging (L.C.C.O.A.) as their Developmental and Volunteer Coordinator. LCCOA is looking to change it’s image in the community. In addition to providing nutritious meals and numerous activities for senior adults and the handicapped, LCCOA hopes to establish itself as a center of activity in the community for all ages (after all, we’re all “aging”). Hopefully, I’ll have an opportunity to meet and work with many of you in my new position.

This has been a wonderful experience. I want to thank everyone out there that made my time at the Lincoln County Journal great.

By James Brandly