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Happy Anniversary Foley Baptist Church

Posted on Monday, May 20, 2013 at 8:49 am

When you hear the name of Foley, Mo., you probably think of a town with very strict traffic laws and/or a place that gets a lot of flooding. The congregation of the Foley Baptist Church wants you to think of Foley in a new way!

The Foley Baptist Church is celebrating its 125th anniversary on June 9. The church was established in 1888 (that’s about 20 years after the Civil War!). The original church building burned in 1932, and the current building was dedicated in 1933. With God’s help the church has recovered after several floods.

To commemorate the 125th, a church cookbook and directory, as well as an updated history have been prepared. The congregation has been collecting pictures and old videos which will be shown at the celebration. Preparations also include collecting antiques and memorabilia which will be on display. The old pulpit and some of the old furniture have replaced the new in the sanctuary. The children of the church have been researching Baptist historical figures. A memorial plaque has been made to honor those members who have passed away.

As part of the celebration this year the congregation enjoyed a concert in April by the “Praise Pardners” who provide the music for the Cowboy Church in Troy.

Cold water bottles were given away at the Foley stop sign on Saturday, May 18, from 9 until noon.

Many past ministers and their families have been invited to attend the festivities and several are coming.

Plans for June 9, include having the worship service at 10:30 with women wearing hats and/or period costumes. The men are growing beards and a contest will determine the longest. The men are to wear overalls or period clothing as well. Many will be recognized during both services.

The meal will be enjoyed outside under tents and will begin at noon. After the meal there will be a cake cutting ceremony, a tree planting ceremony, a time capsule prepared, and pictures and videos to watch. Games are being planned which include identifying congregational member’s baby pictures and guessing what some antique items were used for.

The celebration service will begin at 2 p.m. The program will include special music, congregational singing, reading of a short history, responsive reading, and hearing from the past ministers.

The members of the Foley Baptist Church invite all to attend one or all of the June 9th celebration services.