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Hawk Point Boosters honors members for their service, leading many projects

Posted on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 10:39 am

(From left): Darlene Leek, Betty Shaw and D’Arline Shaw were honored for their years leading many of the projects as members of the Hawk Point Booster Club.

(From left): Darlene Leek, Betty Shaw and D’Arline Shaw were honored for their years leading many of the projects as members of the Hawk Point Booster Club.

Hawk Point Boosters annually leads the community in honoring the rich heritage and this year was no different. The Boosters paused to remember the contributions of six faithful citizens, including three posthumously and three who have gently moved into ‘retirement’ after decades of service.

Glenda Fitzgerald and Sharon Hasekamp announced and presented certificates to. Darlene Leek, Betty Shaw and D’Arline Shaw during ceremonies Sept. 8 in the Community Park.

Leek served as president of the Boosters for seven years and previously, along with her late husband, Monte, had worked with the athletic association. “Her expertise was with food preparation,” said Fitzgerald.

“Since the inception of the Heritage Day event, Leek was in charge of the kitchen…making sure your dinners were the best they could be. Through last year, Darlene made all of the hot rolls for this event. Darlene was very community minded having what was best for the community at heart.”

Betty Shaw served as treasurer for a very long time. “Betty has decided it’s time to pass the torch so that she can enjoy Heritage Day a bit more. She was ideal for the job as treasurer since she had worked at Peoples Bank for many years. She has been an integral member of the booster club. She has instilled this community-mindedness into each of her children as all of them are working here today.”

Shaw was active in many Booster Club projects including Christmas efforts, preparing eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt and always there helping to make pies. “She likes to be involved, stays active and greets everyone with a smile,” said Fitzgerald.

D’Arline Shaw moved to Hawk Point in 1946 and joined the Booster Club which was newly formed in 1945. She worked at the Enterprise Store for 25 years.

“She is the one who began the quilt show in the Community Building,” said Fitzgerald. “Each year she would carefully hang each quilt, tagging it with the information on it. She has taken pride in the Booster Club and in the Hawk Point community offering her talents.”

Also honored were the three former members who has passed away. Their family members accepted the award. The members were Ron Hase, Bob McCarty and Judy Miederhoff.

Hase married Mary Hasekamp, a Hawk Point girl. Although they lived in Treloar, he would come, help fry chicken and offer any assistance he could. McCarty served as a liaison between the Booster Club and the city, advocating for the improvements of the community building, parks and grounds. He was also active in maintaining the city cemetery, Easter egg hunt.

Miederhoff lived in the Hawk Point area for 28 years before she and her husband, John, built a new home in Eolia. “Even though Eolia is quite a distance to drive, Judy’s heart was here in this community,” said Fitzgerald. “She kept her membership in the Evening Club and Booster club. She is the one who organized the craft show you see here in the park each year. She would plan it each year.”