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Hechler Main Street Hearth and Home help design new gas fireplace

Posted on Monday, January 28, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Hechler’s Main Street Hearth and Home, Troy has been selected as a member of an elite hand-picked panel of over 100 proven successful hearth retailers across the USA and Canada. This unique panel’s purpose was to first design and then later market a revolutionary new high-efficiency gas fireplace line utilizing a new flame technology. Hechler’s will be unveiling the brand new Intrigue INT-200 by Ambiance Fireplace at 521 Main Street in downtown Troy.

Ambiance Fireplaces chose not to design their new fireplace the usual way through their research and development department. They ‘brainstormed’ with a carefully selected team of veteran fireplace dealers to determine exact features most desired by customers. A retailer had to have over 20 years of successful business and showroom creativity. A recruiter was sent out to visit and personally interview each prospective team member. In his or her own store, each retailer was asked a series of questions seeking consumer input, warranty design, individual ideas on product improvement, etc. After gathering input,  detailed discussions among panel members were held and a vote. The panel agreed unanimously that the resulting fireplace should include every winning item as a factory-made installed standard feature with one exception: a simple black front should be standard with a wide array of optional beautiful decorative ‘fronts’ in many finishes and styles. A prototype was created and in the spring of 2011, the panel met again to see the fruits of their long-range efforts on display, burning live in a hotel.  Thus, the Ambiance Intrigue INT-200 was born and ready to market.

The most outstanding and instantly noticeable improvement is its extraordinarily tall and luxuriant blaze that fills the entire firebox to the top. The Intrigue is an efficient, glassed-in, seal air-tight ‘direct vent’ using only outside air to feed the fire. The thrilling huge flames are a real breakthrough for direct-vent fireplaces and will take your breath away.  All its’ features come factory-installed in a standard package with a lifetime warranty, controlled by an easy to use multi-function remote. It has a ‘pilotless’ ignition system where you can light it with a push of a button while sitting on the couch.

If you are planning a new construction or remodeling project including a fireplace or stove, go see the Intrigue INT-200  or call Hechler’s at 528-9443. Better yet, stop by and check it out yourself.