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Helping during the holiday season

Posted on Monday, November 25, 2013 at 9:06 am

During the month of November people begin to recite the things they are thankful for as a tribute to Thanksgiving. Each year family, friends, jobs, and shelter are among the top things to be thankful for, as so many people do not have these to cherish. Now is a good time to look back on the year, and give thanks for what you have been given.

In just one year I feel like my life has changed so much from getting married to owning my own house, I have accomplished a lot and should be grateful for what I have. I have a fantastic family who supports me in everything I do, a house to live in, a loving husband and friends that would do anything for me. So this year I am going to try and do some good during the holiday season. I chose to help the Salvation Army this Christmas by volunteering to be a bell ringer and I would love to do a good deed for someone, like paying for the person’s food behind me or making a donation to charity, be it toys for Toys for Tots, money to a good cause or clothes to a church clothing drive, I plan to do something to show my appreciation for all I have.

The Adopt-A-Family list seems to grow longer each year with families that need extra help. I encourage those of you who can help to do so. Last year while the Journal was out shopping for their adopted family they were rewarded by having everything paid for by the shopping center’s holiday promotion. This allowed us to get even more for the family. It’s rewarding in the end to know that you were able to give back to a family who may not know that there are still people out there who are willing to help. One good deed could change someone’s day, which in turn could cause a snowball effect for others to have better days. These types of good deeds sweep the Internet during the year giving us more “feel good” stories to make us smile. We have to find ways to fill the world with more good than bad.

In times where the community is hurting we stand tall together, in times where our neighbor needs assistance we should lend our helping hands and knowledge, in times where someone just needs a nice gesture, offer them a smile and ask about their day. We can make the world a better place; let’s start it this holiday season and keep it going throughout the year. It’s hard to watch the news and not be upset, but if we give more good than bad, it has to be reported.

By Kristen Harris