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Honor Society hosts blood drive at TBHS

Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 11:26 am

Sisaleigh Holcomb and Sarah Jeans sit and wait with their kits to get their blood drawn. Photos by Lauren Conner


The National Honor Society at Troy Buchanan High School held a blood drive in the school gym on Monday, Nov. 26. The students were there to plan, take on the role of guide and be a hand to squeeze for the queasy.

“We had sign-ups during lunch shifts, and Monday we [had] members passing out passes that remind donors when their donate time is,” Emilie Rossmiller said. “Throughout the day, we [had] members signing donors in, giving them food and water after donating blood and providing moral support.”

Many TBHS students and faculty know the importance of blood donations and want to spread the awareness and help those in need. Although a donor only gives what seems to be a little blood, they can help save multiple lives with that single donation.

“People need to be educated about blood donations because so many people either need a blood donation at some point in their lives or come in contact with someone who will need a blood donation,” Brittney Hosmer said. “One blood donation can save up to three lives.”

Many of the NHS members personally decided to donate to this cause as well. These students have not only given their time to plan and assist others in their donations, but also to lead by example.

“[I decided to donate because] I can help people by doing practically nothing,” Rossmiller said.

Although this event went over well, many of the NHS students hope to see more people taking up action and helping those who need it. For those who didn’t seize this opportunity, there is always time to donate at any other blood donation clinic, or donate in the Troy FFA blood drive occurring in the spring.

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