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Honoring those we should always remember

Posted on Monday, September 10, 2012 at 10:05 am

What does it take to get something named after you? Most of the time you have to donate your bank account to the cause, or be a key person to the specific object or event. Patrick Schimmel’s family was honored at the Old Monroe VFW Hall where the new Hwy. C overpass signs were presented. They read “LCPL Patrick W Schimmel Memorial Highway.”

Patrick W. Schimmel became a Marine after graduating from the same class as I did at Winfield back in 2006. He didn’t ask for any recognition, but boy does he deserve it. In 2009, Patrick was taken from us while over in Afghanistan. I can still remember hearing the news broadcasters speaking about the loss. It didn’t seem real. I wasn’t super close to Patrick but I had many good friends that were. I sat next to him in classes and can remember his spiky hair and sarcastic personality. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but three years have gone by since that faithful day.

I went out to the dedication of the Hwy. C overpass in honor of Patrick and was moved by the words that were spoken. A friend and member of Patrick’s unit, Erik Goodge, spoke about that day. When it’s your time to go, I guess you have no other choice…but to go. Patrick wasn’t involved in the enemy’s fire but a stray bullet ended up back at his unit to bring him home to the Lord. Goodge said, “Only the fallen have seen the end of war.” And I believe that is true. War will always be present until you are at peace in Heaven. Patrick was a great guy that will forever be missed, but not forgotten.

Every time you drive under the Hwy. C overpass remember those who have fallen for you, remember those who have fought for your freedoms and remember the good times that were had.

Thank you to those who are serving, have served and those who plan on it!

By Kristen Harris