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How can I begin with the end in mind?

Posted on Monday, April 1, 2013 at 8:32 am

How can I begin with the end in mind? How important is it to keep oneself pure and abstain from pre-marital sex no matter the age? How significant a message would that send to the one who you later enter into marriage with?

A new significance of wearing a ring was the focus Wednesday evening as Calvary Chapel, Troy, opened its doors to hundreds of local teenagers with a special presentation. They hosted a Silver Ring Thing event which is a para-church youth ministry promoting the message of purity and abstinence until marriage through two methods…the powerful live-event and a four-week DVD resource called Bare Essentials. The ultimate vision is “to create a culture shift in America where abstinence again becomes the norm rather than the exception.”

The two-hour stage performance created an exciting concert-like event. It included high energy music reverberating throughout the sanctuary, laser like beams of light and comedy periodically flashed on two screens. However, that all dulled when the personal testimonies were offered by the young people. Their stories, particularly the one from the young lady who endured a break-up of her parents, two years of sexual abuse by an adult and finally, was the victim of a relationship. Her story revealed that second chances are possible amidst the challenge to start over from past mistakes. The presentation concluded with the young people who made the commitment of abstinence having the option of purchasing a silver ring as a symbol and reminder of this decision. The students are urged to text the Silver Ring staff continually through emails to further help them keep faithful. Parents had a meeting as well. The information looked into the physical, emotional and spiritual problems resulting from sexual activity among teens.

The Silver Ring Thing was created in 1995 by Denny and Amy Pattyn as a response to the escalating numbers of teen pregnancies in Yuma, Ariz. Since then, more than 200,000 students have received rings.


By Bob Simmons