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If you can’t take care of your animal let someone else

Posted on Monday, February 25, 2013 at 8:20 am

Animal cruelty is always something that needs to be monitored more closely. Many people adopt animals and realize that they do not need or want them any longer and that’s where the trouble starts. During this time, the owners can become very angry at the pet, or life in general, and take it out on their pets. I have had everything from fish to a turtle, to cats and dogs, and it breaks my heart to know that people can treat their animals with such disrespect. I can’t even pass up a turtle crossing the road during the summer without getting out to help it.
At my house our pets are family to us. When they are sick, they get treated. Their food and water is always full (if it’s not they let us know) and they have warm and dry places to sleep.
Two recent incidents have made the news (not local) about animals being abused. The first had a happy ending, but I can’t say that for the second.
In the first instance, a trash man was running his daily route and dumping trash can into his garbage truck when he heard a puppy whimpering. He ripped the bag open to discover a young puppy who seemed to be paralyzed in the trash bag. He was thrown away because the owners thought that the puppy had passed from parvo, but was proven that he was just malnourished and very weak. Michael Upchurch, the trash man, warmed the puppy up and brought him home to become a new member of the family. They are calling him Garby (after garbage). I’m thankful that there are people in this world that consider animals important like I do. The previous owner of Garby said they had two other puppies that they thought had died from the same thing…they might have been able to be saved too.
The second story ends sadly as country singer, Mindy McCready ended her life, but not before she could end the family dog’s life. It was said that she was upset with the dog since he “found the bullet” from her boyfriend’s death, just weeks before. She couldn’t take looking at the poor pup everyday so she ended both their lives. There are ALWAYS other routes you can take in an instance like this. Family members, friends, and shelters are usually the best place to start for your animals. It’s a shame that someone thinks it’s necessary to end their life, let alone an innocent animal as well.
I see poor animals on the side of the road on many occasions…some who have been hit, and others who are wandering the roadway. It’s best to keep your animals in your own yard to prevent anything like this from happening. In an unsigned letter to the editor for the Journal, a woman spoke about her instance of driving and hitting someone’s family pet on the highway. She spoke about two cars approaching each other at night and battling the headlights. Once the cars were past each other it was in a … “split second that a cherished family pet lost its life on impact when the westbound vehicle tried to stop. The occupants watched in horror as the pet came to rest a few feet away, leaving behind over a thousand dollars in damages to the westbound vehicle.”
We all want the best for our families, including our animals, and I hope that as the weather warms up (eventually it will), and animals are let out to roam, that an eye is kept on them. Again, if you can’t love your pet, give them to someone who can. I know I love my cat, Kitty, who has the most unique personality I could ask for. She isn’t a “lap cat” but she will play hide-and-seek with you if she is in the mood. I would be devastated to hear that something happened to her.


By Kristen Harris