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“I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time”

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 8:40 am

“We are but a breath away from the children we’ve lost, may we always feel their presence and love.” This is a passage from

Pictured above is the cover of “I’ll Cry to Understand...a piece at a time”. The photo holds a special place in the Weis family’s heart. This was taken just weeks before the accident. The picture was photographed by Jay Nelson, a friend of Nathan’s while they vacationed together. The picture shows a very heavenly scene as though foreshadowing the future.

Karen E. Weis’ book, “I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time.” Karen and her husband, Dan, learned that their fun-loving son was in a fatal car accident while they were out of town, and since then nothing has been the same. “It happened on a Thursday night and we packed up and left as quickly as possible. Funeral arrangements couldn’t be made until Monday so all weekend we had family and friends coming in and out of our house to make sure we were alright,” explained Karen. Friends and family waited for hours to say their good-byes to Nathan, just a young boy who had his whole life ahead of him. He was a dedicated father to his son, Tyler, a hard worker and lived by the saying “I’m good.” His carefree attitude and love for animals, and life in general, touched so many people. Karen mentioned that with his lifestyle that “Nathan lived a fuller life than most 60 year olds.”

The loss of Nathan left Karen, Dan and their children in a fog of grief. “It was hard to get up and relive it every day. It was like a bad dream that we just kept having,” said Karen.

Karen knew she wanted to do something in honor of Nathan and tossed some ideas around with Dan. Dan ensured her that their love for Nathan was enough but if she needed to do something to honor him then she should. This then sent her down a new path, a path which would not only help her start the healing process, but would also go on to help so many other grieving parents and family members start theirs. Karen decided to write a book on not only her journey, but the journey of other grieving parents. “I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time” voices the ups and downs of their grieving process and really connects with readers.

“I have always loved to write and I never knew that everything I had written up to this point was just preparing me for what I was about to do,” said Karen.

“I would write day after day, but when it got too hard emotionally I would quit for weeks or months at a time,” said Karen. After four and a half years of writing, Karen had finished her book, “I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time”. “I had never experienced writers block until I got towards the end of the book. After three months I was able to write the last chapter,” said Karen.

The goal of “I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time” is to help grieving families come to terms with their loss and to let them know that they will make it through it. “We received many books after Nathan passed and all of them seemed to be similar. We couldn’t seem to connect with the writer’s point of view if they hadn’t actually experienced the loss of a loved one,” Dan pointed out. “The books seemed to use the phrase ‘How are you feeling’ as if everything could be put into words, but they can’t.”

“I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time” was written on a level that is easy to relate to and connect with. “I wanted the readers to feel like I was holding their hand as they are reading it,” said Karen. “We wanted to get across to others that it is okay to feel everything you are feeling and though nothing will ever be the same again, you will survive.” Karen and Dan explained that it took time to be able to heal enough to speak about the accident but they love to talk about Nathan and want others to be able to do the same. “It’s important to keep the memory of their child alive, and sometimes others don’t know how to bring up the subject,” said Karen. There are chapters in the book that specifically reach out to family and friends who might not know exactly what to say during times such as these. It helps to understand that the loved one should be remembered and it helps to heal some of the pain if the memories are shared.

Karen has given away many books at events and is always looking to help anyone who might need their spirits lifted. “It’s certainly not about the money, it’s about helping others find a way to live their new lives,” said Karen.

Karen explained that after a death, no one can live the same life. She states in Chapter One, “It is not possible to go back to your old life because it has been distorted, torn apart. You will have to seek out a new life, a completely new way of living from this day on.” Important subjects and feelings are brought to the surface while reading this book. A clearer understanding and a sense of a support system are made through the tender words and spiritual guidance that is placed throughout the pages.

“I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time” is sold at There are three different forms of the book. You can buy the ebook (electronic book for a tablet or computer), hardback or paperback. “I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time” has been reviewed as a “must read” by Sandy Curran.

Find comfort in the spiritual journey that the book will take you through and original, uplifting poems to begin every chapter. “I’ll Cry to Understand…a piece at a time” will help to begin the healing process and help you connect with your spiritual supporter. Karen said one of her favorite passages in the whole book is “Spiritual guidance is of the utmost importance. God has not abandoned you; He waits with open arms to help you. To be reminded, or maybe for the first time, to realize, He does exist.”