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Daniel Chavarria-Store Manager, Valvoline Express Care

Introducing the new Valvoline 3 point Fuel System Service

Carbon deposit buildup can cause sputtering, hesitation and loss of acceleration in Gasoline Direct Injection engines, even in lower mileage vehicles. Until now, addressing this problem required an invasive engine dismantle and up to 8 hours of labor.
Valvoline is proud to introduce the new Valvoline 3 point fuel system service, a first-of-its-kind professional treatment that can help remove hard-to-reach carbon deposits and restore your GDI fuel system performance in just over an hour.
EasyGDI features Power Dispersal Technology, a revolutionary new chemistry engineered to attack deposits with 10 powerful detergents that are atomized and circulated through the fuel system. Much like current PFI treatments, all that is needed is basic tools, a simple canister apparatus and shop air. A few of the benefits of the new system are:
. Greatly improves fuel injector flow
. Helps restore fuel economy, emissions & power
. Works to eliminate rough idle, hesitations, and knocking
.Proven performance tested on many current market vehicles.
Stop in at Valvoline Express Care in Troy to experience the new Valvoline 3 point fuel system service today.