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Kristen Pahde-Right at Home Care Assistance

It’s a Scam! Protecting seniors from money thugs

Every year hucksters bilk almost $3 billion from older Americans. Here’s how you can help prevent scam artists from attacking your senior loved ones:
. Make sure your senior’s phone has caller ID and he or she knows how to screen unsolicited calls. Remind elders to not answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers.
. Advise older adults to not share personal information with strangers, especially common identifiers such as a mother’s maiden name or birth date.
. Become an authorized person on your senior’s checking account and/or the second signature on the elder’s checkbook.
. Instruct seniors to never hand over medical ID cards or read off Social Security, Medicare or health insurance numbers to anyone they do not know or trust.
. Direct elders to ask questions about and research any charity or company that asks for a donation or sells products. is a reputable resource for investigating legitimate charities before making a financial contribution.
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