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It’s Christmas Time

Posted on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 9:32 am

I was going to write about how Christmas seems to overshadow Thanksgiving. People start putting up their Christmas lights before they cut the turkey.  Apparently, people would rather sit outside a department store than around a table with family.  I could have written an article on this, but you can read some of the letters to the editor and see many residents voice their concerns on this topic already. So I’ll approach the holiday season from a different perspective.

The other day, Kristen and I asked the Salvation Army Bell ringers volunteering throughout town, ‘What is your favorite thing about Christmas time?’ (Their replies are directly to the right of this article). Their answers were very good, as they all valued family and things that truly matter in life including the real reason for the season, Jesus Christ. I asked myself the same question and found my reply could go on for days.

Of course, my favorite thing about Christmas is spending the time with my family and celebrating the birth of Christ, but once I started thinking of the Christmas season, I started to remember all the things I love.

I love playing in the snow. It hasn’t snowed substantially in the past years so none of us have gotten to enjoy a fun day of sledding or a snowball fight. When I was a kid, we played in the snow with others building makeshift igloos (I’m surprised that none of us got crushed by snow) or snow forts and we stayed outside until we turned blue.

I love coming in from a long day in the snow and drinking hot chocolate while sitting next to a fire. I always enjoy sitting there and listening to Christmas music (although I prefer to hear my holiday tunes a little closer to Christmas Day, not the day after Halloween). Every year our family watches ‘The Christmas Story’. Even though it’s cold outside, I love how warm it gets inside when you’re with family.

I love the Christmas season cooking. Every year the ladies of my family get together and bake all kinds of Christmas cookies. They make sure the whole family is on the brink of a sugar overdose and fatten us up like we are getting ready for hibernation. Christmas cooking reminds us of the real reason we wear sweaters during the holidays.

Another reason I love Christmas is the acts of kindness that happen. Its weird, once the Christmas season hits, people tend to be happier than before, unless they’re Scrooges.  During the Christmas season, people are generous, caring and giving. I’m not talking about giving presents, etc. I’m talking about the feeling and caring mentality that overcomes people around this time. I might not be able to explain the feeling well, but I love Christmas time for the values and traditions that seem to be on display more than any other time of the year.

What’s your favorite reason for the season? Remember, Christmas isn’t about the gifts that you give, or receive. It’s about the birth of Jesus Christ. When you think of the real reason for Christmas, just look at the word and take off the “mas”.

By James Brandly