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Jeffrey earns Volunteer of the Year

Posted on Monday, March 11, 2013 at 8:56 am

If you don’t already know Jeffrey Coyle when he sees you – you will get to know him! As soon as he sees someone he makes an effort to introduce himself as he loves to make new friends. The best way to describe Jeffrey is friendly and outgoing. Staying busy and making new relationships in his community is what Jeffrey enjoys doing.

Jeffrey has a very busy schedule indeed. He has received Residential Services through Community Opportunities since 1985 and worked for Earthwise Industries until his retirement in July 2012. After retirement, he began receiving individualized Support Services through Community Opportunities Personal Assistance program where he does volunteer work in his community. Through his volunteer services, his days are filled with exactly what he enjoys doing: meeting new people, making new friends and staying productive and busy within his community. Some of his volunteer sites include his local church, delivering Meals-On-Wheels through all the Lincoln County branches of LCCOA and handing out ice water at several local nursing homes.

Through his volunteer efforts, in November 2012 Jeffrey was honored by receiving the “Volunteer of the Year” award at WINCO (Winfield’s branch of LCCOA). The award was in recognition of his dedication to serving people in Lincoln County by delivering meals, helping serve food, and cleaning/stocking the tables.

Jeffrey is truly an inspiration through his volunteer work and attitude. He arrives every day with a smile and makes an effort to take the time to say hello to everyone. His approach is simple and genuine, as he always introduces himself with a smile and by saying “Hi, I’m Jeffrey”.

Jeffrey is pictured with the Director of WINCO who presented his award.